Yoga doesn’t always have to be so serious or dedicated for the super spiritual + heavily meditative practitioner. We are here to help you just go with the flow and become more flexible, strong and zen AF. Our yoga classes are music-driven and take a nontraditional approach in style. We focus primarily on postures (asanas) and breath; the physical components of yoga.

Flow Classes We Offer

Vinyasa Flow

“flow” meaning “vinyasa” (traditional yoga studio class name) or “to move without resistance” will get your body moving, your breath flowing, and your energy going. Each class is uniquely structured and sequenced, but you can always expect a moderately-paced flow linking breath with movement. The outcome: a stronger body, calmer mind, and more balanced state of being.
All levels welcome. Come ready to flow with your yoga mat, sweat towel, and water. Barre socks are optional, or you can practice barefoot.

Fire Flow

A creatively sequenced movement practice that incorporates powerful flows combined with hand weights, low impact cardio, and sensual movement designed to build a deeper connection between the mind, body, and soul. Set to groovy music that is sure to raise your vibration and quiet the noise of the mind, focusing on mobility, strength, flexibility and all the good vibes. Intermediate level with an understanding of foundational yoga poses. Come ready to flow with your yoga mat, sweat towel, and water. Barre socks are optional, or you can practice barefoot.

Buti Yoga

Buti Yoga powerfully combines vinyasa-style yoga with dynamic movement, tribal dance and cardio in an energy releasing, empowering practice. This is not your ordinary yoga practice, it is so much more! You’ll release stagnant energy through intentional movement to upbeat music. Through the practice you’ll build strength, learn acceptance and practice self-love. This is a body-positive practice where we focus on deep core strength – seeing your body move is both powerful and freeing! All levels welcome. Please bring your yoga mat, sweat towel and water.

Research Shows Many Health Benefits Of Yoga

  • Improved body flexibility and balance
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance (stronger heart)
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved abdominal strength and enhanced overall muscular strength
  • Relaxation of muscular strains
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Relief of stress resulting from the control of emotions
  • Prevention and relief from stress-related disorders
  • Intellectual enhancement, leading to improved decision-making skills
  • Life with meaning, purpose, and direction
  • Inner peace and tranquility
  • Contentment