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The Best Barre Class to See and Feel Results

The best barre classes to see and feel REAL results. Barre is a low impact, high results workout that focuses on small movements that lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles. Move + groove to badass playlists, kick-up your heart rate, get that deep muscle burn, and burnout targeted areas with precision and elegance on and off the barre. At Freebird, our Barre classes are founded on the principle of working in a neutral spine (no tucked pelvis), which assures muscles and joints are kept as safe as possible while maintaining the integrity of the body’s natural alignment.

Barre Classes We Offer

Barre Classes


If you’re new to barre, this is a great place to start. Our small group class guides you through the basic movements of barre through a series of low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to help build confidence as you discover how our technique works, and all the benefits barre has to offer.

All levels welcome. Come ready to sweat and shake with a sweat towel and water. Barre socks are required for class.


A full-body barre workout. You will be guided through a series of low-impact, high-intensity isometric and full range movements designed to improve your flexibility and build your strength, coordination and balance using light hand weights, resistance bands, sliders, pilates balls and the barre. Barre is form-focused with in-depth setup so that you can discover the tremendous mental connection to your body.

All levels welcome. Come ready to sweat and shake with a sweat towel and water. Barre socks are required fro class.

Benefits of Barre

Research Shows Many Health Benefits Of Barre Fitness

Total body workout. Barre is a fantastic workout for anyone. Barre is both low-impact and high intensity, which makes it modifiable for all fitness levels, yet challenging enough that the more you do it, the more you reap

the benefits. Barre workouts are considered low-impact, which means they put less stress on your body, which reduces the risk of injury. For example, when you work at the barre, there is no jumping, leaping, or pounding, which makes it easier on your joints.As you gain muscle, your body begins to burn calories more easily, making it easier to control your weight.

Barre is one of the most accessible ways to improve your coordination and body awareness, leading to better posture and overall more stability as you move through everyday life.

Barre increases your flexibility.